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v2500 engine QEC and Accessory parts available for sale

11777MK3LPC bleed master actuator1
28061-640Fuel Metering Unit1
3740-5121-511Starter ducting1
4740-2040-503Engine rear mount assembly1
5745-2010-503Engine front mount assembly1
6745-5151-503Anti-ice duct1
7790425A8Starter motor1
8G4000VSVA01VSV actuator1
95009913GLP/HP Fuel Pump Assembly1
105860017-144ACC actuator1
118910-620ACOC air modulating valve1
1255022001-11Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler 1
13772292Integrated drive generator 1
1417300G12Fuel diverter & return to tank valve1
15430153Engine Dedicated Alternator1
16745-5122-503Starter ducting1
175A1733Fan LP compressor nose cone1
18144-171-000-111Vibration Transduce1
19745-5152-503Anti ice duct from valve1
20745-5172-501Anti ice ducting from HP compressor case1
21326975Nacelle Anti ice valve1
22745-5967-515Electrical Harness1
235860016-139ACC valve1
24767669BIDG quick attach detach1
25740-5060-505Pneumatic bleed duct              1
2676-167-4Oil quantity transmitter1
276773F010000Engine bleed air high stage control valve1
28740-5966-529Electrical Harness1
297827-03Zone fire detector 1
30D1876-5000ANo. 4 bearing compartment air cooler1
311778MK1LPC bleed slave actuator1
326774G010000Pressure regulating valve (PRV)1
33740-5173-507Anti ice ducting from HP compressor case1
3450069001-1Air Cooled Oil Cooler (ACOC)1
357702-04Zone fire detector1
36740-5059-505Pneumatic bleed duct 1
3730030-000EGT junction box and harness2
38005RL05Ignition relay box (below EEC)1
39745-5602-501Rigid hydraulic tubes1
40740-5720-505Gearbox breather / De-oiler outlet duct1
416A8172Electrical Harness1
422293B020000Engine air bleed IP check (non return) valve1
43740-5869-505IDG cables  to pylon disconnect1
44790424-4Starter control valve1
4541SG240-1Differential oil pressure transmitter1
46796050-1Fuel distributor valve1
476A7569Electrical Harness1
483031863-001Hydraulic Pump1
495A1834Fan LP compressor nose cone fairing1
506A2290Compressor bleed valve ducts1
516A2292Compressor bleed valve ducts1
526A5878Electrical Harness1
539-217-59Fuel flow transmitter1
54512090-1Ignition Lead2
555950041-108HP compressor St. 10 bleed valve1
56745-5604-501Rigid hydraulic tubes1
57AA1051-00HP compressor St.7 bleed valves1
58AC69576HPC stage 10 bleed air solenoid 1
592A1126P3/T3 probe1
60556-1-15306-001Flexible pneumatic sense lines1
61740-5284-501Drain mast1
62745-5093-503Rigid pneumatic sense tube1
6321SN04-298AOil scavenge filter diff pressure warning1
6421SN04-300BFuel filter differential pressure switch1
6532F0003No. 4 bearing scavenge valve1
669045330-2Ignition excitor boxes 2
67450-1-3100-00Hydraulic pressure switch1
685U0030Oil temperature thermocouple1
695U0030Oil temperature thermocouple1
7021SN04-275ALow oil pressure differential switch1
71AC69572HPC stage 7 bleed air solenoid 1
72RP162-02Nacelle temperature sensor1
73QA06305Hydraulic case drain filter1
7456B98Scavenge oil temperature thermocouple1
7522912-000Fuel temperature thermocouple1
764A7033Oil scavenge filter housing & cover 1
77728805-6Gearbox housing adapter for starter1
791A6794-1Master MCD7
8016844-000IDG fuel cooled oil cooler1
81808050-5-070Electronic engine control1
822A4378Data entry plug1
8341SG272-5No.4 bearing scavenge1
844A7004-01Oil tank1
854A7110Oil Pressure Pump & Filter Assembly1
864A7124Oil scavenge pump assembly1
876A2087Compressor bleed valve ducts1
886A5759Compressor bleed valve ducts1
896A8281Electrical Harness1
90740-0137-513Thrust reverser forward open latch1
91740-0361-509ACAC exhaust duct1
92740-5051-507Pneumatic bleed duct1
93740-5271-505Rigid oil tubes to IDG1
94740-5273-505Rigid oil tubes to IDG1
95740-5600-505Rigid hydraulic tubes1
96740-5682-503Collector plate1
97745-5862-505Electrical Harness1
98745-5870-503Electrical Harness1