• HIX3010-0, HIX3011-0 available
    HIX3010-0, CHECK TOOL – J-RING HIX3011-0, CHECK TOOL-OUTER FLANGE Both are available for sale.
  • GTF tooling list available
    GTF tooling list is open for order PW1215GPW1521GPW 1524GPW1124GPW1127GPW1133GPW1400G PWA100951 PWA102308 PWA103684 PWA103882 PWA104199 PWA104217 PWA104365 PWA104438 PWA105011 PWA105260 PWA105276 PWA105983 PWA106485 PWA106486 PWA106487 PWA107110 PWA107214 PWA107386 PWA107485 PWA107736 PWA107742 PWA107802 PWA107830 PWA108032 PWA108088 PWA108089 PWA108090 PWA108287 PWA108350 PWA108372 PWA108390 PWA108523 PWA108605 PWA109014 PWA109056 PWA109056B1 PWA109643 PWA109684 PWA109773 PWA109774 PWA109974 PWA110105 PWA110112 PWA110818 PWA110955 PWA110969 … Read more
  • UT2000 IAE2R19921 for sale
    UT2000, IAE2R19921, TEST SET – TRANSIENT ACOUSTIC PROPAGATION It is open to order.
  • Website and Service upgrade
    This week we upgrade our website. It may be faster than before. Any problems, please let me know. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Please request for quote at any time.
  • Safran tools for assembly of the Airbus320 and Airbus321 wheel and the tire
    Airlines and MRO often buy the Safran tools for assembly of the Airbus320 and Airbus321 wheel and the tire. We can provide the tools package for assembly of the Airbus320 and Airbus321 wheel and the tire. Please refer the list below, you can copy the list and request for quote. AC21869000 F26516000 F26526000 F26527000 F26529000-1 … Read more
    3. PRESERVING THE ENTIRE ENGINE When your engine’s going to be unused for some time, avoid condensation—which leads to rust. Keep it in a dry environment where there are no major temperature swings. Storing the engine inside a hangar may not be sufficient since the temperature could fluctuate when the doors open and close or … Read more
  • How to pack, store, ship the v2500 engine?
    How to pack, store, ship the v2500 engine? -Items needed for V2500 engine storage -Manual requirement for V2500 engine storage ——- Items needed for V2500 engine storage———— All items below are needed for v2500 engine storage. We can provide all the materials below. 1.engine storage cover TASK 72-00-00-500-002 Engine General – Prepare The Engine For Storage, … Read more
  • Audit findings on improper engine storage
    A lot of engines are stored because of COVID 19 epidemic. Improper storage is not good for engines. FAA auditors give findings on improper engine storage. Findings The findings are as bellows: 1. engine covers/bags are not installed properly. 2. desiccants are not enough at the quantity 3. desiccants are not fixed well 4. desiccants … Read more
  • V2500 engine parts repaired
    V2500 engine parts available, repaired. v2500 part numberDiscription2A2272-006RING, SEG&VANE HPT22A2372-006RING, SEG&VANE HPT22A3393DUCT SEGMENT HPT 22A3886-01DUCT SEGMENT-HPT 12A3923SEAL, AIR, HPT 1STG2A4157AIRSEAL ASSY HPT S22A4360DUCT SEGMENT HPT 22A9201HPT BLADE STG.13A1804BLADE STG.4 LPT3A1806BLADE STG.6 LPT3A2055BLADE STG.3 LPT3A2475BLADE STG.5 LPT3A2704BLADE STG.6 LPT5A1445BLADE,A/O STG 1.5LPC5A1626PANEL, A/O LINER MID6A4207C02BLADE, HPC STG 126A4211C02BLADE, HPC STG 96A4222C02BLADE, HPC STG 106A4226VANE, HPC STG 96A4227VANE, … Read more
  • v2500 LPC BLADE 1 available 6A7614 and 6A7655
    6A7614 and 6A7655 v2500 LPC BLADE 1 available FAA and EASA FORMs, REPAIRED,15ea in stock. part numbers of BLADE 1 LPC below: 6A3494,6A3971,6A5485,6A6519,6A7613,6A7656,6A7403,6A7649,6A7650,6A7651,6A7652,6A7653,6A7658,6A4700,6A6521,6A7614,6A7654,6A7655
  • v2500 engine fuel nozzle 2A3448 available
    v2500 engine fuel nozzle 2A3448, 20ea*6, AR. trackable documemnt available on request. IAE v2500 engine fuel nozzle relative part numbers 2A0994 2A1637 2A3453 2A2250 2A3448 v2500 engine fuel nozzle 2A3448 available
  • MRO Useful Links
    MRO Useful Links Authority www.icao.inthttps://www.iata.orghttps://www.faa.govhttps://www.easa.europa.eu Place OEM Engine OEM IAE part V2500-tooling Pratt & Whitney Tooling Rolls Roycehttps://www.rolls-royce.comRB211-535GEhttps://www.geaviation.comCF6-50CF6-80C2CF6-80A2
  • How to get the latest Catalog Price of engine parts?
    Engine OEM will publish Catalog Price List ate the end each year. You can send the part number to us, we check the price for you. Usually the price of engine new parts increase 5% each year. It will lower your cost to select used engine part.
  • How to find v2500 engine used parts?
    1.Please click this website(, you can find all v2500 engine used parts available. 2.input v2500 part number, you can see the results with part number/ Nomenclature /condition. 3.input quantity, press "add to quote" botton. 4.You will get the quotation by returned email.
  • LLP life limited parts FAA regulations 2
    Title 14: Aeronautics and Space PART 43—MAINTENANCE, PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, REBUILDING, AND ALTERATION Contents§43.1   Applicability.§43.2   Records of overhaul and rebuilding.§43.3   Persons authorized to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, and alterations.§43.5   Approval for return to service after maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration.§43.7   Persons authorized to approve aircraft, airframes, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances, or component parts for return to service after maintenance, … Read more
  • LLP life limited parts FAA regulations1
    AC 33.70-1 Guidance Material for Aircraft Engine Life-Limited Parts 33.70-1 – Guidance Material for Aircraft Engine Life-Limited Parts Requirements Date Issued July 31, 2009 Responsible Office AIR-600, Policy and Innovation Division Description This advisory circular (AC) provides definitions, guidance, and acceptable methods, but not the only methods, that may be used to demonstrate compliance … Read more
  • What are V2500 engine LLP parts?
    Life-limited part means any part for which a mandatory replacement limit is specified in the type design, the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, or the maintenance manual. ITEMPNSDESCMOD15A1757DISK, A/O STG.1LPC25A0895SHAFT, ASSY STUBLPC35R0159DISC, ASSY STAGE 1.5LPC    46A8316HPC DISC STG. 3-8HPC56A7546HPC DISK Y STG.9-12HPC66A7711SHAFT ASSY REAR HPCHPC76A5869SEAL ROTATING REARHPC    82A5001HUB, TURB, 1STGHPT92A4802HUB, TURB, 2STGHPT102A3437HPT STG.2 BLADE RET. PLATEHPT112A3423SEAL,AIR,HPT,STG 1 OUTERHPT122A3424SEAL, AIR, … Read more
  • v2500 engine QEC and Accessory parts available for sale
    ItemPNDESQty11777MK3LPC bleed master actuator128061-640Fuel Metering Unit13740-5121-511Starter ducting14740-2040-503Engine rear mount assembly15745-2010-503Engine front mount assembly16745-5151-503Anti-ice duct17790425A8Starter motor18G4000VSVA01VSV actuator195009913GLP/HP Fuel Pump Assembly1105860017-144ACC actuator1118910-620ACOC air modulating valve11255022001-11Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler 113772292Integrated drive generator 11417300G12Fuel diverter & return to tank valve115430153Engine Dedicated Alternator116745-5122-503Starter ducting1175A1733Fan LP compressor nose cone118144-171-000-111Vibration Transduce119745-5152-503Anti ice duct from valve120745-5172-501Anti ice ducting from HP compressor case121326975Nacelle Anti ice valve122745-5967-515Electrical … Read more
  • Hard To Find Young Narrowbody Engines For Teardown Hard To Find Young Narrowbody Engines For Teardown Used powerplant parts procurement is still very competitive, but evolving. Paul Seidenman, David Spanovich | Feb 01, 2017 The turbine engine teardown business is evolving as older fleets retire and more operators and investors see the value of life-limited parts (LLP) that have remaining life. “Over the past … Read more